Facebook Pixel Comprehensive Guide to Photoshop Blend Modes

Comprehensive Guide to Photoshop Blend Modes

I’ve shared another video by this photographer in the past and you enjoyed that one, so here is another from Jesús Ramirez. This one is fairly long, so grab a cup of your beverage, open up Photoshop, and follow along with this comprehensive tutorial on Photoshop Blend Modes:

If you want to follow along, download the images below and load them as layers in Photoshop with the base layer on the bottom. Click on each image to open in a new tab, then save them.

Blending modes in Photoshop

Base layer.

Blending modes in Photoshop.

Color layer.

Layer blending modes in Photoshop

Luminosity layer.

Learn about layers and blend modes in these other dPS articles:

For a more in-depth look at this subject check out Jesús’s new course Mastering Color in Photoshop. He’s offered a generous discount of 20% off for all dPS readers. Just enter the code dps20 upon checkout.

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